Dr. Michael P. Francis

Embody Inc

Chief Scientific Officer and Founder


Serial entrepreneur and inventor, Michael Francis, Ph.D., is the CSO and a Founder at the clinical/commercial-stage medical device startup company, Embody Inc. He has built a career at developing and commercializing IP-anchored, innovative, and transformative regenerative medicine products. At Embody he has served as PI on $20M in grants (DARPA, NIH, Army, Air Force) and helped raise $10M in investor funding while driving the first electrospun collagen-fiber-based regenerative scaffold (TAPESTY(R)) through FDA. He is transforming the way medical devices and therapeutics are made while delivering tremendous value via advancing additive biomanufacturing methods. Dr. Francis has deep experience in the medical device and cell therapy industries, leading outstanding scientists and engineering teams in R&D through the commercialization of high-value cardiovascular, orthopedic, and sports medicine products that have helped heal many people in need. An experienced entrepreneur and inventor, he is passionate about advancing high-value technology and products from the regenerative medicine fields through to clinical use, with great enthusiasm for enabling fellow scientists and entrepreneurs.