Dr. Subramanian Gunasekaran, PhD

Encoll Corp.



Professional Biography & Areas of Expertise:
Dr. Gunasekaran has been an active member of SFB since 1983.  He has accomplished in areas of basic Biomaterials research involving cell culture, pre-clinical animal model development, protein processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and the strategic development of ethical drugs and regulatory approved medical devices.

Scientific Achievements:
• Published 60 scientific papers and 5 US Patents.  
• Received FDA approvals for 8 medical devices.
• Course instructor for "Biological Response to Orthopedic Implants" at Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1993.
• In 2006, Dr. Guna, as a biomaterial expert, enlightened the scientific fact of impossibility of recombinant synthesis of Type-I collagen through a Yahoo group discussion organized by Dr. David Kaplan, FDA-CDRH.
• Chaired a Panel Discussion on “Commercialization of Medical Devices” at the SFB Annual Meeting, 2018.
• Consultant to FDA to form the ASTM for Surgical-Grade Type-I Collagen (ASTM-F2212), 2020.
• Chair and Moderator for a Panel Discussion on “Identifying the Commercial Value of Tissue Regenerative
Biomaterials” at the 2021 Annual Meeting (Apr) of SFB-USA.

Authored “Collagen Chapters” in Books:
Collagen Based Wound Dressings, S. Gunasekaran, P 1267- 1286, in Book: Encyclopedic Handbook of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, Ed. by Donald Lee Wise, Marcel Decker, Inc. Press, 1995.

Mineralized Collagen as an OsteoInductive material, S. Gunasekaran, et al., P. 171-179, in Book Hydroxyapatite and Related Materials Ed by Brown & Constantz, CRC Press. 1994.

Collagen chapter in “The Hand book of Biomaterials and Applications", Marcel Decker, Inc. 1994.